This is why we're building Wallow


In our years of experience managing projects and products, we noticed a recurring frustration: the tools available for collaboration, incident tracking, and project management were often disjointed and inefficient. Teams were forced to juggle multiple platforms to communicate, track progress, report incidents, and manage tasks. This fragmentation led to miscommunications, delays, and a lack of transparency.

We observed that many of these tools, provided by large industry giants, struggled to adapt quickly to the evolving needs of dynamic teams. They lacked the flexibility and real-time capabilities needed to keep up with the fast-paced nature of product development.


So, we asked ourselves, why not create one comprehensive tool to address all these needs? Inspired by platforms like Slack and Trello, which have redefined team collaboration and project management, we embarked on developing Wallow: an all-in-one solution for real-time incident reporting, task management, and team collaboration.

Our goal is to empower product and project management teams with a tool that streamlines their workflow, enhances communication, and provides valuable insights through advanced analytics. Wallow is designed to be the central hub where teams can report incidents as they arise, collaborate in dedicated productspaces, and stay informed with daily summaries and AI-driven insights.