Wallow: Think United

Innovate. Collaborate. Elevate.
A communication and collaboration platform for product leaders and their teams.

Our Mission

Empowering Dynamic Teams with Unified Solutions Wallow aims to bridge the gap in collaboration, incident tracking, and project management by providing a comprehensive tool that adapts to the fast-paced nature of product development. We are dedicated to eliminating inefficiencies and enhancing real-time communication and transparency.

Who's it for

Wallow is designed for product managers, project leaders, and dynamic teams who are tired of juggling multiple platforms. It’s for those who demand flexibility, real-time capabilities, and seamless integration in their workflow. If you’re driven by innovation and seek a cohesive tool to streamline your processes, Wallow is for you.

What’s it about

Wallow is more than just a tool; it’s a solution born from real-world frustrations and needs. It combines the best aspects of team collaboration and project management into one platform, inspired by industry giants but tailored for the modern, fast-paced work environment. With Wallow, every incident is reported in real-time, every team member stays aligned, and every project progresses efficiently through advanced analytics and daily summaries.

Who we are

Charles Polanco

Charles Polanco, Head of Product

Prima Marte

Prima Marte, Head of Design

Vasyl Polishchuk

Vasyl Polishchuk, Head of Engineering

Vitaly K

Vitaly K, Illustrator

Mohin Patel

Mohin Patel, Head of Sales

Joakim Marner

Joakim Marner, Agile Coach

In the world of Wallow, incidents aren’t hidden; they’re highlighted and tackled collectively. Meetings are not just gatherings; they're melting pots of perspectives. And analytics isn't just data; it’s the storyline of your shared success.

We created Wallow not just to work differently, but to work together — seamlessly, effectively, brilliantly. Because when we think united, we don’t just build products, we build possibilities.

Wallow. Where collaboration meets innovation. Where every team is more than the sum of its parts. This is where we Think United.